Welcome to Beach Money CEO! I am Bonnie Cribbs and I am an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologist.  What does that mean?  It means I help people have beautiful, healthy and young looking skin! I also help entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, bloggers and other motivated people get started and succeed in their own direct sales business with Rodan & Fields.  The doctors who created Proactiv Solutions and made it a world wide sensation are now taking on the skin care and anti-aging market!  And I want you on our team!

Are you looking for a solid business opportunity that you can do in your spare time and move to full time?  This is a GREAT time to get in with Rodan & Fields!  No parties, No inventory, No bad products!  The products are amazing and the business opportunity is outstanding!

Great Skin Care Products!

Rodan & Fields Product Lineup

Let’s Go Shopping!

Browse our spectacular skin care products here.

Make Great Money!

If you are looking for a little extra money for a beach vacation or if you’re looking for a lot of extra money so you can earn the money to buy a mansion at the beach, we can reach that goal together!  If you hate your job and you are ready to make your own money, we can get to that point too.  This is not a get-rich-scheme, this is a way to build a solid business, leverage your time and energy, generate residual income and establish the life you are looking for!


  1. Roxanne Sisneros says:

    Tell me more

  2. Roxanne, I’m more than happy to share more with you! I’ll shoot you over an email here shortly. Thanks for your interest in Rodan + Fields and being on my incredible team!

  3. Bonnie – I’m a new R&F consultant. Your blog has given me some great ideas. How did you set up your site?

  4. Kathy, welcome to the wonderful world of Rodan & Fields, you’re going to love it! I use Word Press and absolutely love it. Are you planning on going to the convention in February?

  5. Quick question – I am a new consultant with R&F and would also like to set up a site. Did you have to get your page reviewed by legal/corporate? Or did you just set it up on your own? Thanks!

    • Well… I’ve never really thought about that! I did not get any review by legal or corporate because it’s a personal blog. That said, if you want an official answer I would say the policies and procedures book would be the best place to get that answer. Or Sales support – they are awesome at this kind of thing. Good luck with Rodan + Fields! I absolutely love it and know without a doubt it’s an incredible business, it’s fun and will do more than “just pay the bills.” Let me know when you have your blog up and running! I love reading Rodan and Fields blogs!

      • Thanks for getting back to me! Your answer seems to be the general consensus from those I’ve asked. I’ll be sure to let you know when my blog is up and running. Your site is definitely one of the best I’ve seen so far! Thanks!

      • You are way too kind! I actually received a call from Rodan + Fields today and they are mentioning me in an upcoming Insider Scoop because of the number of people I have who complete the solutions tool. And they are giving me a gift too! I’m excited to see what all that is about! I’m sure I’ll do a blog post on it after I know more about it. It’s such a great company!

        I really do want to brand the pages better and have a better look – right now I’m doing it all myself…and know it needs a better look but sooner or later I’ll have a professional come in and clean house :)

  6. Hey Bonnie- great site! My brother’s girlfriend is just starting with Rodan and Fields- I’m going to tell her she needs to check out your site for good ideas. Very well done!

  7. Thanks Taylor! She’s going to love working with Rodan & Fields – It’s such a fun company to work with! It’s so fun hearing about new reps who are just getting started. I love helping people get started with their business.

  8. I’m very happy to hear that you are getting some recognition for your great work. You deserve it! In all honesty, when I was on the fence about joining R&F, your site did a nice job of pushing me over. I am actually using Weebly to create my site – it’s very easy to use and I think that I have a relatively clean and professional look. When it is live, I’ll post the link for you. In the mean time, I’m just going to go ahead and send a few friends your link and hopefully get them to join us in the business! Thanks again!

    • That was such a great compliment! You truly are going to love this business and this company. If you’re going to Convention, let’s meet to say hello!

      • Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make convention this year. Hopefully by next year I’ll be bringing in enough income from R&F to be able to afford to go! Looking forward to hearing all about it! It sounds like a LOT of fun, and I’m sure you’re going to get some great R&F swag :)

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